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Bike ridership among the general population was down 17% in 2013[3]. All the while we lack a marketing effort to reverse that trend and increase ridership.

We are the 20 Collective and we aim to change that.

Dear Bike Lover,

Brick-and-mortar retailers, online retailers, distributors, big-box stores and cycling brands alike all have the same problem. The general population is riding bicycles less. Metrics from credible sources show ridership was down 17% in 2013. And there is nothing in play that has proven it can change the decline.

Our goal:

Establish one cohesive marketing effort for the ENTIRE cycling industry focused on increasing participation. Much like the dairy, beef, R.V., and fishing industries do for their own. They have each launched campaigns like “Go RVing”, and “Beef, its what's for dinner” investing in growing participation and awareness of their industry. We MUST do the same.

Who we are:
We are a panel of 20 bicycle dealers from across the United States and Canada. Representing 5% of the IBD's total gross revenue. We range from one location to eight and represent a wide variety of IBD influence in the industry. Collectively we are not loyal to one specific brand or cause; merely committed to increasing ridership and IBD visits across the entire US and Canada.

The solution:
To create an Industry advancement fund. A centralized fund for a marketing campaign to promote and grow ridership participation. The solution is designed to create a rising tide for the whole industry to swim in.

What we need from you:
Support us. Click Here and show your support for the cause. More will come but we MUST get organized before we begin.


The 20 Collective

The numbers don’t lie:

20.5 million bicycle units sold in 2000 and only 18 million sold in 2014 [1]

The number of children who ride bicycles declined more than 20 percent between 2000 and 2010 [1]

Bike shop visits in 2014 compared to 2012 were down 17%

About 10.2 million women rode 109 days or less in 2010, a decrease of 13 percent since 2000 [1]

The Original 20:

Below are the founding members of the 20 Collective.

Scroll over to read more about each member.


Summit Bicycles is a 4 store operation located in the Bay Area. With interests in bicycle sales, service, rentals and bicycle accessories. Focusing on improving the customers experience through happy and engaged staff while maintaining a high aptitude for the most complicated products in our industry. Fully invested in growing participation for all things bicycle related.


Race Pace Bicycles has 5 locations throughout the greater Baltimore Suburban area. 38 years in business with the same ownership. Recognized on multiple occasions as one of the best bike shops in America by customers and industry leaders alike. All the while making the bicycle a part of the culture in their market area.


Sales and Service of Bicycle and Fitness Equipment since 1983.With multiple locations BGI promotes and supports healthy lifestyle changes in the Central Indiana community by providing a retail experience that “wows” our customers.


University Bicycles is located in Boulder, Colorado. Recognized as a leader in the retail world of bikes. Specializing in excellent customer service. We feature an amazing collection of cycling artifacts dating back to 1869. U-Bikes works hard to provide a great place for our employees to work by providing multi-day shop riding trips, movie nights and more.

River City - OR

A full-service bike shop open since 1995 with the experience pros rely on and the gentleness beginners love.


In 1971, during the bicycle boom, Jack Salem started a small 1,500 square foot bicycle store in Long Beach, CA. His business expanded over the next 28 years to include four locations and to be known as Jax Bicycle Centers, one of the most respected retail bicycle businesses in America.


Incycle currently has 4 locations in San Dimas, Pasadena, Chino and Rancho Cucamonga. The shops carry everything from entry level to high end bikes and components. Love for cycling extends beyond the front doors; Incycle supports numerous cycling and triathlon clubs including a professional cycling team. Incycle is preparing for its 25th anniversary this year.


Iowa's largest Trek, Giant, Electra, Catrike, Surly, and Cervelo dealer. We offer best-in-class products, while our easy going staff has the expertise to meet all your needs.


Providing the San Diego cycling community with a range of products and services for over 10 years.


Your Boulder,CO bike shop for world class bikes, service and fitting. Enjoy the ride.


Cahaba Cycles is a 4 store bicycle retail operation in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1982, Cahaba Cycles has grown to be Alabama’s largest bicycle retailer. Furthermore, Cahaba has been the major catalyst in creating a cycling culture in the Greater Birmingham area. Cahaba Cycles strives to provide unparalleled service and product selection while representing the best brands in the industry.


As one of the premiere bike shops in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland, Freshbikes is much more than a bike shop, they are truly a boutique cyclery


Bicycle Habitat was founded in 1978. They have 4 stores in NYC. Bicycle Habitat was recognized by Interbike as the Best Urban Bike Store in America (2015). They have received local and national recognition for their advocacy work and their commitment to getting and keeping people riding.


Connecting people with bicycles since 1970! With four locations serving Morris and Sussex County, New Jersey. If you are lost, find yourself on a bike!


We carry the highest quality triathlon equipment and gear and specialize in cycling, running and swimming. If you are looking for triathlon equipment , a training center or a bike store in Montreal you have found the right place.


First established in 1919 by Walt Goodale, and later run by his son Roscoe, Goodale's Bike Shop has always been in or around Railroad Square in Nashua NH


Connecticut’s premiere cycling destination with two locations along the CT shoreline. For over 35 years their focus has been on building long-term relationships with customers and their local communities. Customer service is at the forefront of their business, making the Zane’s Cycles name World Famous among the cycling and customer service industries.


“Mike’s Bike Shop is one of Canada’s most prominent specialty bicycle retailers, centrally located in Dieppe, New Brunswick. MBS was founded in 1983, and is independently owned by local cycling and community leader, Rick Snyder. Now 3 years into a state of the art 14,000 sq./ft. retail facility, MBS has become the regions destination showplace for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike.”


We are Recycled Cycles located in beautiful Seattle Washington. We have been serving the community since 1994 providing quality bicycle sales and service. Aiming at adding value to our customer cycling experience. As the name implies we sell both new and used bicycles and welcome trade ins.

Richardson Bike Mart- TX

Established in 1962, the Richardson Bike Mart has been serving cyclists for more than 50 years. Our mission is to find the right bike for the right person no matter who you are. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality, longest life, and the best resale value.

Eriks Bikes - MN

Erik employs up to 450 people and has 27 store locations in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin. His selection of products and services focuses on Bicycling, Snowboards, Downhill Skis, Skateboards, Pro Scooters and all the gear that goes with them.


The Mann Group is an independent consulting firm specializing in helping clients improve sales and operational performance. The Mann Group has expertise in strategic planning, and implementation. We’ve applied our business methods across multiple industries and organizations with great success.

The money is already here:
25 cents for every bike sold last year amounts to over $4,500,000 [2]
Go RVing
The National RV marketing campaign for 2014 was under $12,000,000
 One half of a percent of all sales that aren’t bicycles amounts to over $12,000,000.00 [2]
Our Goal

It’s simple. Grow ridership across the ENTIRE population. 

The way to do this is to market cycling, in all its forms, to the entire population. Our competition is not each other as much as it is other specialty retail industries. We must grab the attention of our future customers if we all want to grow.

The 20 Collective has a structure to accomplish our goals. First we garner interest, then we garner funding, then we form a committee, then the committee decides how to creatively educate and market to the general public in order to increase participation. Each of the 20 Collective members has put their money where their mouth is.  We invite you to sign up and show your support!

KPIs to measure our efforts:




In addition to the above we will measure the standard metrics from the marketing campaign in each respective media we advertise. Impressions, followers, etc.

We will select an advertising company to represent the entire bicycle industry. We are large enough that if we organize we can make a marketing campaign of an effective size.

The answer is simple.

Bike Pep is the way that as a community we can grow advocacy, The 20 Collective together along with a full spectrum of support from various facets of the industry can combine under one force. Bike pep’s goal is to create an organized movement  to help get more butts on bikes. Together we can all help creatively and responsively help grow and shape the sport and community of cycling as we know it. We are actively seeking support from the entire industry. Everyone from cyclists themselves to industry leaders like to IMBA,NBDA, People for Bikes and more. Sign up below to pledge your support for all the great ideas The 20 Collective has!

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